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We match products to markets.

We invest in professional and responsible suppliers, to get the best results.

We have the know-how in growing, packing, postharvest, food safety and any required standards.

Our Categories

MOR offers a big basket of fresh vegetables, fruits and fresh herbs from different origins around the globe.
We offer taste, quality and great appearance.
Take a deeper look at our nutritious, healthy products.


Fresh colorful salad cooked or grilled vegetables – beautiful, tasty and the best for your health.

Fresh Herbs

A bunch of magical scent, to smell, to taste, to decorate any plate.

Juicy Citrus

Feel the blossom of spring, mix of sweet or Sour, but always juicy and rich with vitamin C.

Exotic Fruits

The taste that will connect you with your exotic dreams, in the most beautiful places on earth.

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Leading Global Supply
MOR International is a key player in fruits & vegetables sector, working with customers around the world, providing a wide range of products from different origins. Always looking to expand our range. Feel free to contact us.
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