Juicy Citrus

Feel the blossom of spring, mix of sweet or Sour, but always juicy and rich with vitamin C citrus fruits.

Between the northern and the southern hemisphere, we have a year-round citrus supply.

Grapefruits, Oranges, Easy Peelers and hybrids, with a wide range of varieties –

Juicy Oranges, colorful seedless Navels and red-fleshed Blood Oranges;

White and Red Grapefruits with high juice content and acrid-sweet flavor of excellent quality; Red Chandler and White Goliath pomelo varieties, sweet, thick-skinned but soft and easy to peel; The Hybrid Sweetie, is juicy like a grapefruit and sweet like a pomelo;

Best varieties of Clementines, sweet, sour, with or without seeds and easy to peel, Murcott, Nadorcott, Orri and more.

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