MOR International, established in 1998. It is a known player in the world of fresh produce supply, led by its highly influential Chairman Meir Ben-Artzy, having more than 40 years of experience.

During the years, MOR established several daughter-companies in USA, SA and Italy.

Based on long-term relationships with both suppliers and customers, MOR has a worldwide supply base, enabling the company to offer year round wide variety of products to its customers around the globe.

MOR‘s team, known for its expertise and its experience in the supply chain, from the orchards and fields through the post-harvest treatments, logistics and technical knowledge. Our professional and creative team has the skills to adapt to new requirements, and follows the market changes, in order to bring the best results to its both suppliers and customers.

MOR suppliers are committed to work by the highest standards, focusing on product safety, environmental and social responsibility.

On top of quality and reliability, MOR always strives to improve, and therefore promotes innovations and new technologies, by cooperating with companies and research institutes, to improve the quality and the shelf life of its products

our Values

Striving to the highest quality for our customers and the best return to our suppliers

We are long distance runners with our partners; we believe in transparency and long-term relationships
High quality products
Relaying on new technologies, responsibility and passion
Experience & Innovation
Always looking forward to new innovative projects
we are worldwide
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