From sowing to your plate, we take thoughts and actions to be friendly with the earth, responsible for your food safety, and fair with our workers.

MOR believes in smart agriculture, therefore, our growers are using advanced growth technologies, to save water and reduce waste. We encourage IPM and the use of natural enemies where applicable, to minimize the use of pesticides, and we always look for ways to improve, by seeking for new varieties, new postharvest treatments and packing solutions to extend the shelf-life of our produce, as well as reduce the impact on the environment.

MOR demands the highest standards from its growers around the world, to ensure our customers will get uniform and reliable products at all times, and so the suppliers will get the best return for their efforts.

MOR cooperates and invests in many scientific experiments to promote best practices in every part of the supply chain, from growth, through postharvest treatments, packing solutions and transport. We work with research institutes and private companies to find ways to improve the quality and shelf life of our products.  We acknowledge there are no magical solutions; we understand that even the smallest contribution, will have its impact in the long term.
Therefore, we continue, willingly and patiently to investigate and implement new ideas.

We are fair traders; MOR makes sure its suppliers around the world respect human rights and offer good working conditions. In spite of the differences between origins, our suppliers meet the required social standards and take responsibility for their workers, to prevent modern slavery, discrimination and abuse.

We require as minimal standards – Global Gap and any social certificate (such as GRASP, SMETA, SIZA, Fair Trade etc.).

Other available certificates are BRC, Nature Module (Tesco), LEAF, Spring, Albert Heijn, RFA, Organic and more.

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